Understanding & Experience

The two critical requirements for safe driving

At Instructor Software, we understand that in order to be a safe, confident driver, pupils need to develop both understanding of roads, signage, methods etc and experience, both from hazard perception videos and behind the wheel.

Understanding is a critical part of learning to drive, and the reason why we developed the syllabus revision guides years ago, and now the reason why we’ve launched DriveRight.TV, the informative video reference that aims to cover all driving theory, situations and topics.

Experience is the equally important part that gives context to the understanding, provides real life examples, and develops drivers’ ability to read the road and the changing circumstances.

Teaching pupils by rote, over instructing, teaching test routes and quick shortcuts can all reduce the pupils’ ability to develop understanding for themselves, and limit their ability to recognise situations, rather than know the road. Drivers with no understanding get anxious once they’re on their own, and go on to be the new driver crash statistics that make the headlines. Drivers with no experience outside of their local area are often afraid to drive to areas they don’t know, and often haven’t been taught to read the road ahead.

Instructor Software’s mission is to provide pupils with the understanding and experience they need to be the safe, confident drivers of tomorrow.

Understanding: Watch the DriveRight.TV videos

Experience: Find out how to get private practise between driving lessons.