Video Tutorials

We’re in the process of creating a host of tutorial videos to make sure you’re getting the most out of the software. Have a look at the lesson topics below, we’ll be adding to the list continuously until all the videos are available. If you still find something you need help with, let us know and we can add it to the list.


Driving Instructor App Intro

Customise Name & Logo

Customise Diary Colours

Syllabus 1 – Introduction

Syllabus 2 – Default Syllabus

Syllabus 3 – Customisation

Syllabus 4 – Create New



Add Pupils from Contacts

Modify Pupils (Syllabus & Lesson Price)

Terms & Conditions


Adding Lessons

Adding Reflective Logs

Quick Access to Reflective Log Notes

Adding Payments & Discounts

Adding Free Text Notes

Adding Progress Notes & Stars

Adding a Sync’d Diary Event

Using Mock Tests

Archiving Pupils

Export Pupil Data

What’s the Point of the PassRight App?

How Does the PassRight App Work?



Basic: Introduction to Diagrams

Basic: Diagrams Features

Basic: Saving Annotations

Intermediate : Setup Mode

Intermediate: Show/Hide and Sort Diagrams

Intermediate: Adding Aerial Views

Intermediate: Adding Your Logo

Intermediate: Copying Diagrams

Advanced: Creating New Diagrams

Advanced: Creating Stop Motion Animations



Theory Questions

Hazard Perception Videos

Show Me / Tell Me Questions

Highway Code, Road Signs & Standards Documents



Expenses Recording

Exporting Data



As you can see, we have a lot of videos to create, just to show you all of the features of the app and how it can benefit not just you and your pupils, but also your free time and work/life balance, your sanity, your pass rates, your professional reputation and your bank balance!