Software updates allow us to bring additional features to your favourite apps, and we work continuously to improve them and iron out the minor bugs that can sometimes creep in.  We also need to regularly update our apps to work with the latest versions of Apple’s iOS software, so that you can benefit from new features and security.


Updating either the iPad operating software, or the Driving Instructor app with all of your pupil records, should be easy, painless and uncomplicated, but it is always work taking those extra couple of steps to make sure everything goes exactly to plan.




Click on the screenshot above to view the video.


With an iCloud backup, you simply set it up and it runs automatically, and you just restore your new or mended device from your last backup, its that easy!


Have a look at the Apple support pages, they give loads of information on how to Backup and Restore your iPad. .


Finally, as a further way of protecting you data, you can extract the files from the iPad, and we’ve put together a short video to tell you more about how you can do this.



Click on the screenshot above to view the video.