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How do I prepare for software updates?

Have a look at our new page and two videos specifically about software updates for the iPad.

When will the new Release 4.0 be available?

The new update to Driving Instructor is now available and is being released 24th April 2017.

What does Release 4.0 provide?

This next version completely re-writes the way the Driving Instructor iPad app and the PassRight app for pupils connect to each other via the server, providing a more secure, reliable and error free experience for instructors and pupils alike.  After months of software development and testing, the whole process has been re-written, so that instructors now log into the app with an email address and password.

As well as making the whole data process much more secure, this change now makes the whole app experience significantly faster, and provides the information to drive the PassRight app for your pupils.

Release 4.0 will also provide a Reflective Log feature, allowing the pupil to reflect on their learning between lessons, and help them to take control of their learning journey.

What was in the Release 3.0?

There’s so much in Release 3.0 of Driving Instructor, where do we start?

The biggest thing is support for the new PassRight app for your pupils!  PassRight will allow your pupils to connect to you and track their lessons, progress and payments, as well as receive handout content after every lesson completed. The handout content is over 36,000 words of material, delivered automatically as the pupil completes each section of the syllabus.

The Driving Instructor app has been expanded to include all the tools you need to manage how your pupils engage with you on PassRight, including:

– managing your name & logo for the PassRight home screen, so that it looks like your own app

– adding pupil lessons directly into Calendar without leaving the app, so that your pupil knows when their next lesson is, and gets reminders

– creating the username and password that your pupil uses to get secure access to their lessons

– customising the handout material provided after each lesson so that your pupil can revise what they learnt and access the images or videos you used during the lesson.

Your pupils get to see their lessons, notes, payments and progress from the records you keep on the iPad, and can learn and practice Theory and Hazard Perception using the official DVSA training bank. You get to see their progress when the use the app to test themselves on Theory and Hazard Perception, and can see theory & practical test bookings they’ve entered.

Other improvements within the app include:

– new quick navigation system that allows you to go directly to any other part of the app
– improved button layout in pupil management
– simpler lesson and payment recording, with fewer page changes
– access to additional documentation to Highway Code, such as Traffic Signs & new DVSA standards documents
– new expenses tracking feature with photographic receipt recording
– combined financial export tool allowing you to capture all pupil payments and expenses in a required period (e.g. tax year)
– new feature in Mock Test to make fault marking easier
– improved access to video tutorials
– direct email link to our support desk
– auto selection of current lesson pupil (the app looks at your diary to see who you’re teaching)
– support for multiple languages (Spanish added in this version, others to follow)
– improved Help content, with illustrated tutorials for every page and function of the app.

How do I transfer all of my previous pupil information and customised diagrams to a new iPad?

When you purchase a new iPad, part of the set up process asks if you want to set this up as a completely new device, or to restore from a previous backup (either via iCloud or iTunes).

First of all, ensure that your iCloud backup is set up on your old device, and do a backup immediately before swapping over, so that any changes since the last backup are also included.  Make sure that the iCloud backup is set to protect all of your data, such as app content, photos etc.  Use the Settings > iCloud section to make any changes, if necessary.

Then, use the “Restore from Backup” option to restore the new iPad with all of the content from your previous device.

This is not something specific to Instructor Software, this is part of Apple’s functionality from the iOS system, so for more information, please see the following pages:

Backup to iCloud


Restore from iCloud


Why do only some of the pupil details show up on the PassRight app?

The PassRight app takes the pupil details from the Instructor Software server.  If the payment and next lesson details are visible, but not the syllabus and progress, it suggests that the syllabus your pupil is linked to has not been sync’d to the server.  Go into the app Settings > Manage Syllabus, then select the syllabus your pupil is linked to.  Use the Action button top right to Sync the Syllabus, and also check that the Progress Tracks Syllabus is set to ON.  You’ll need to use a syllabus copied from our new Default Syllabus if you want your pupil to get access to all the revision handout material we have provided.

How do I purchase the app?

The app is available via the iTunes App Store, to anyone with an iTunes account.

Will it run on an iPhone?

No, as the app is designed to make use of the iPad screen size in order to deliver lesson content. We may consider a future iPhone version that could allow existing iPad users access to their admin information, if there is sufficient customer demand.

Will it run on Android or Windows devices?

Not at present, the focus is to provide the full features and functionality using the established iOS platform, where we can guarantee the user experience and Apple’s strict testing mechanisms protect data security.  Other platforms will be considered according to customer demand, and subject to the resolution of any quality and/or security risks.

Am I supposed to be able to view video tutorials from within the app?

Yes you are, however some users are finding that this isn’t working correctly, and a fix is being implemented in the next software update.  Until then, please just go directly to the videos on YouTube.

Does the app provide animations to help deliver certain lessons?

The app will be using videos to demonstrate some lessons, eg manoeuvres, however we are currently in discussions with other content providers to offer additional bolt on features, such as choice of diagrams and animations.  Some instructors create multiple “stop motion” images than can be swiped through in order to create a useful animated effect.  An example has been provided in the Bay Parking diagrams.  For further information, please view the Video Tutorials.

Is the app only available for UK instructors?

At present the app is primarily designed to UK use, however two other versions are available for the Republic of Ireland and Australia. We are also looking to develop the app for other markets, as well as provide multiple language support.

Follow us here, or on Facebook or Twitter to be kept updated when new versions are launched, or use our Contact Us page to request particular countries or languages you’d like to see supported.

Can I add images from Google Maps?

Yes.  Select the appropriate lesson plan, then choose Import from Maps from the Options button (top right).  The app will automatically open Google Maps, and will default to your current location if Location Services are enabled. Use two fingers to pinch and zoom the map to the required scale, and one finger to move it to the correct area. Consider if you wish to save the image in Landscape or Portrait mode, and orientate the iPad accordingly. Once selected, tap the Satellite button (top left), re-scale if necessary, then tap Save Image (bottom right) and give the image a name before tapping OK to save. The image will be added to the end of that lesson plan, and will open automatically in Draw Mode, allowing for annotations.  For further information, please view the Video Tutorials.

How do I draw overlays onto diagrams or saved images?

After selecting the desired image, tap the Options button (top right) and tap Draw Mode then draw on the image using a single finger. Use two fingers to move or zoom the image, and use the buttons bottom left to change the pen size or colour.  For further information, please view the Video Tutorials.

Can I save & recall overlays on diagrams or saved images?

When in Draw Mode, annotations can be retained using the Save button (top right) then giving the annotation a name before clicking OK to save, or erased entirely by pressing the Clear button.  Previously saved annotations can be recalled when in Draw Mode by using the Open button (top right), however when in normal View Mode they can be overlaid by simply swiping upwards.  For further information, please view the Video Tutorials.

How do I delete an overlay?

When in Draw Mode, tap the Open button for the list of overlays, then simply swipe right to left on the unwanted entry and confirm by tapping the Delete button.  For further information, please view the Video Tutorials.

Can I add my own diagrams to the app?

Yes, instructors can add images from the Photos application, so any image that can be stored on the iPad in Photos can be imported.  Simply tap the Import from Photos link from within the required lesson plan.  For further information, please view the Video Tutorials.

What do I do if the app crashes?

If you have any recurring issues with the app crashing, this may be due to a number of reasons, the most common being that there is not enough available memory to run the app due to lots of other apps running at the same time.

In order to run the graphics in the Lessons section at full screen and with enough detail to look god on Retina display iPads, the app uses quite a lot of memory, and users may find that closing down other apps running in the background will help.  To close down other apps, simply swipe upwards with four fingers to get the list of other open apps, then slide each one upwards to close it.  This will prevent most crashes occurring.

As a further step, powering off the iPad and switching back on frees up further memory capacity.

The next step is to Reset the iPad, by holding down the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time until the Apple logo appears.

If you’re still experiencing problems with our app not opening or crashing when in use, please send us crash logs from your iPad so that we can diagnose them in more detail.  You can find out information about how to do this here.

If these answers and our video tutorials on YouTube haven’t provided the answer you’re looking for, please use our Contact Us page to get in touch.

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