App Crashes

If you ever experience any issues with the app crashing, please get in touch with us so that we can look at it straight away. We’ll need to know what type of iPad you’re using, what version of iOS you’re running, what version of our app, and more about what caused the crash. Hopefully you can prove all of this information quite easily from your iPad by following the steps below.


Firstly, go into your iPad Settings > General > About and screenshot* the whole page (you may need more than one photo to fit it all in, so please make sure there’s an overlap between photos so that we can “stitch” them back together).


Then, we’ll need a copy of the actual crash log files.  These are copied from the iPad onto your Mac or PC every time you sync your devices.


First, sync your iPad with iTunes on your Mac or PC simply by connecting it with your charger cable to the computer’s USB port and opening up iTunes on the computer.  The device should sync automatically.


You can still do this even if you iPad is backed up to iCloud, it will not affect your backup settings, and syncing allows you to share content, such as music, between both devices.


Once the iPad has been sync’d, you next need to access the crash log files.  There is a useful page on the OnDemandWorld website that explains how to do this.  You can read about it here.


Next, email them to us at so that we can diagnose them.


(When following the instructions above on a Mac, you might find that your Library folder is hidden.  To access the Library folder, open your Finder window and click on the Go button in the top left hand corner of the Finder menu bar.  While the Go list of folders is being displayed, press the [Alt] button on your Mac keyboard and the Library folder will also be visible.)


Once we know what type of device and software you are using, and can read through what both you and the app were doing immediately before the app crashed, we can start to investigate the cause of the issue.


Many thanks


* (A screenshot is a photo of what your iPad screen shows at any given time. To take a screenshot, press both the Home button (below the screen) and the Sleep/Wake button (on the top right of the iPad) at the same time. The screen will flash and your new photo will be added to your iPad Photos > Camera Roll.)

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