“Would recommend for any ADI.”

“A great app which I use every day when teaching. Recommended!”

“I’m not an ADI………….yet!!! ┬áThis app, as a newbie, is BRILLIANT. Gives everything you need and a whole lot more. I love it”

“I use this app hourly everyday and its now an essential app for my teaching of students. It’s very user friendly Very customisable Excellent app all you could want in an app If there were more than 5 stars in the rating, this app would get them”

“I have only just starting using this, and so far I am extremely pleased with what I have found it can do. Looking forward to the other features which are in development.”

“Really pleased with this software: it has revolutionised the way I work. There has been very good updates since I first started using it and support has been fantastic with first hand communication in resolving the issue of transferring data to new device. Thank you!”

“Good all round app. Hope that it is updated regularly and has more options available as time goes on.”

“Absolutely brilliant I now carry no paperwork and records in the back of the car. You can carry everything u need on the app.”

“I love this app and it has made my day to day working and presentation so much easier..would fully recommend driving instructor.”

“This app is good, i have found it to be very useful and pupils prefer it to books etc!!”

“Every driving instructor should have it!”

“I was introduced to this app by a colleague and initially struggled with the payments and lesson plans. The more you use it, though, the easier it all becomes. The video tutorials are good and helped a lot. It’s a professional looking tool and I shall be paper free soon!”

“Once you get use to this app it is very useful. There is an awful lot of resources available to you with the option of adding customisation. The video tutorials are very informative. Would recommend.”

“Received an iPad for Christmas, wasn’t sure what I would use it for until I found this app!! It’s worth every penny, has everything an instructor needs to work.”

“I’d seen another instructor colleague use this app and my initial thoughts were “WOW”!! I just didn’t have an iPad at the time. So you can guess what my first purchase was when I did eventually get one? This app has helped me no end and pupils really love to get involved with it too. Can’t wait to see what you come up with in the next update, not that it needs a great deal IMO”

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