PassRight – Your Very Own Pupil App

PassRight connects to your Driving Instructor app to allow your pupils to not only learn their Theory and Hazard Perception (with the DSA’s full bank of practice questions) but also to see how they are getting on with their lessons.  By logging in, they will be able to see their lesson syllabus, look at their progress and lessons completed, monitor their balance and payments, and receive customised handouts material after every lesson.

PassRight engages pupils like never before, and carries the branding of your driving school, so it  looks and feels as though it has come from their own instructor.  Now, as a driving instructor, you can have your very own fully branded app on the App Store, just by using the iPad app.

Add your logo to PassRight to make it your own!
Add your logo to PassRight to make it your own!

Once you have set up your iPad app with your name, logo and created the syllabus you’re going to teach, the Driving Instructor app will automatically update the pupils’ PassRight app after every lesson.

By creating a syllabus of items to be taught, as the pupil achieves each topic, the recording system simply ticks them off as completed as they work their way through.  If your syllabus was created using the default syllabus already installed, there’s already over 35,000 words of text, explaining every part of the process, from Cockpit Drill & Controls through to Show Me Tell Me questions.

Just record each lesson and the content is automatically made available to the pupil via PassRight, meaning that they can read through between lessons, and have a useful revision guide to dip into as they approach their test.

All of the revision content can be customised in the Driving Instructor app, allowing you to edit the text and/or add specific pictures, diagrams of local junctions or even links to YouTube videos.

Pupils can also be sync’d to the iPad diary, and will then get reminder notifications before each lesson, helping to minimise missed appointments.  Some driving instructors who use this feature provide the app to their pupils as this feature can pay for itself!

Finally, a new feature to be released shortly will see the pupil able to see the Reflective Log comments captured by the instructor during lessons, with the chance to reflect and feed back between sessions.  The new Reflective Log feature in the Driving Instructor app will allow instructors to capture the pupil’s thoughts about each lesson using customisable questions to match their coaching style.

PassRight is currently on the App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and works fine on an iPad as well.  The new improved PassRight app supporting Reflective Logs will be launching in the next couple of months, and will be a free upgrade to existing app users.

To meet the demands of the widest possible audience, the app is also planned to be available for the Android platform, and it is hoped this will be launched later in 2017.

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