Driving Instructor for iPad

Driving Instructor for the iPad was first launched in October 2011.

It has continually evolved and improved and currently provides a set of features designed to provide everything that a driving instructor would need in one single app.

Pupil Management

This section allows you to

> record payments, discounts and ongoing balances

> manage Lessons, including Content & Notes

> track pupil progress

> record all pupil information, including licence details & test attempts

> record acceptance of Terms & Conditions

Lesson Diagrams

This is the main resource for your lesson briefings and includes

> simple uncluttered diagrams for introducing new concepts

> driver’s eye view diagrams to help explain the approach to junctions

> aerial view images of local junctions to help plan road positioning etc

> the ability to draw, save and replay your own annotations for any diagram

> a feature allowing you to create animated stop-motion images, such as for manoeuvres

> the ability to create new diagrams from scratch, duplicate or modify existing, to suit your exact teaching style


This section provides the ability to customise the app exactly for the way you work, such as

> add your own personalised Terms & Conditions content

> create your own syllabus lists and set prices accordingly

> create multiple training paths for different skills, such as learners, trailers, fleet etc

Have a look at some sample Screen Shots of the app.

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