Email List

If you haven’t already signed up to our email list via the iPad app, now you can do it online, too.

Remember, when you buy our iPad app, you buy it from Apple, not us. We’ve no idea who you are unless you get in touch with us, so you could miss out on important news and information.

Make sure you keep up to date with everything that’s going on by either subscribing within the app or by going to our new Email Signup page.

No Such Thing as a Free App…

Have you ever wondered why some apps are free and some are not. We’ve written a quick explanation about how apps are funded, to help you understand the changes at Instructor Software.

You can read it here.

Still don’t upgrade to iOS 7 just yet…

The good news is that our tech guys worked really hard on investigating the issues seen by iOS 7 users, and have developed a fix that now resolves all four reported issues.

The fix is now in the queue at Apple waiting for them to test and verify it so that it can be released as a free app update.  We’re pushing for this as hard as possible, and will let you know as soon as we hear more…

Release 3.0

This is Week 8 of our 12 week development plan for Release 3.0 of our iPad app.  There is masses of work going on behind the scenes here to get the new software ready for testing and release, as well as the new pupil apps that will link to it.  Over the next few weeks we’ll give you sneak previews of what’s coming…

New Website!

Welcome to the brand new website for Instructor Software!

There’s currently a lot of work going on behind the scenes preparing for the launch of Version 3.0, which will bring some really valuable new features, and will provide the link to the new pupil app, also launching in July.  As before, all of the software updates are free to existing app users, and the more familiar you are with the app now, the more you’ll understand and appreciate the improvements.

Remember, much of what we do is based on customer feedback, as well as our own experience as full-time ADIs ourselves, so please keep those feature requests coming!