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Instructor Software Ltd was formed in 2011 after having the idea of using the iPad as a tool for driving instructors, and working out how to provide a professional app that would allow instructors to engage with their pupils, improve their presentation and reduce their admin time.

By engaging with forward thinking organisations & individuals, accessing the most recent research and combining the best methods from each country, the aim is to help improve the standard of driver training globally.

Since the original release of Driving Instructor for the iPad, there have been numerous free updates available via the App Store, as the software has undergone a programme of continual development, with much of the development based on the feedback from the UK driving instructor industry.

Pete Robinson

Pete qualified as an ADI in 1987, and has since taken over the leadership of the family run driving instructor business established in 1974.  His innovative marketing strategy and structured approach to lessons have seen the business thrive to become one of the most respected in his local area.

Dave Fry

Dave qualified as an ADI after over twenty years experience in the technology sector, with roles in sales, marketing, operations and training. His technology background combined with enthusiasm for Apple products led to the idea of using the iPad as a tool for driving lessons, and harnessing the many future possibilities the emerging technologies offer to existing industries.

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